Custom Baking

Love at First Bite

Taking inspiration from the iconic Christmas Yule Log Cake, Goodie-licious has created a new Thanksgiving delight: The Harvest Birch Log Torte. Four layers of spicy pumpkin cake filled with bourbon buttercream                                         form the log which is surrounded with pumpkin sugar cookies, gingersnap maple leaves and gilded acorns.                                                  “Carved” into the “bark” of the log are the simple words: “                                                                                                                                 Give Thanks,” making this creation a perfectly delicious centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

The Harvest Torte will be custom-made for you with free delivery to your home in time for Thanksgiving.                            Priced at $50, this is a limited-edition cake so call early, no later than November 22nd to insure your order.                                                                                                    Phone 321-305-2828