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  • Have a Berry Happy Easter

What do you get if you take away the espresso and the cocoa from the Goodie-licious Tiramisu Cake? Italian Cheesecake! And that’s the inspiration for the special Berry Patch Easter Cake. This unique holiday creation starts with a thick layer of homemade spongecake that is drizzled with a vibrant mixed berry puree. Then comes a layer of of the luxurious mascarpone cheese custard. Top that with another layer of spongecake, more of that exotic puree and still more custard that gets a dusting of biscotti crumbs, tinted green to form the berry patch, surrounded by a split rail white chocolate fence guarded by a giant pink candy bunny.

This whimsical and utterly delicious delacacy can be part of your Easter celebration with a simple call to Goodie-licious Custom Baking 321-305-2821. Priced at $55 the cake will be delivered to your home for Easter as long as you place your order before Sunday, April 10th