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 Christmas Yule Log 
Since ancient times the burning of a yule log at Christmas- time was thought to bring good fortune to the family.   Now Melbourne residents may share in that tradition with a special dessert offered by popular demand from Goodie-licious Custom Baking.
The log-shaped cake starts with a cocoa sponge cake rolled and filled with triple berry buttercream.  Dark Chocolate Amaretto-infused French buttercream forms the “bark” of the log which is decorated with custom sugar cookie holly and berries.
The lovely centerpiece will satisfy the sweet tooth of the whole family as it fills a 13-inch cake platter. Don’t miss out on this once a year offering priced at $50 with free delivery to the  greater Melbourne area.
Phone 321-305-2828 or 321-2821 to order by the deadline: Thursday, December 20.  Visit the website: for more holiday options


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