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Sunday, June 16th...
A Gift for Your Father
He’s your Dad! You want to give him something extra special for Father’s Day. How about an Apple iPhone? He’d surely love it, and you for your generous gift, but your wallet might not be so happy. Goodie-licious has the solution:
An Apple iPhone Cake
Technically the word apple applies since this enormous golden confection is studded with Honey Crisp and McIntosh apples in a sweetly spiced batter. The faux iPhone is wrapped in a rich sweet & salty caramel buttercream.         Spelled out with the “iPhone’s charger cord” is the simple phrase: 
‘Love You Dad

Baked in a half sheet pan this is an easy cake to slice, impossible to resist, at a traditional Father’s Day barbeque. Invite the whole family because there’s plenty to share.  Priced at $55.00 the cake will be delivered free of charge to the greater Brevard area. Phone 321-305-2821 to order. Deadline is Tues., June 11 for delivery June 15th.


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